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Guidelines for system wide messages of course announcements

All messages are reviewed by the Office of the Registrar before distriubtion.

Courses announced through the campus wide message system must meet established guidelines for distribution. All announcements must contain the following information:

  1. Course title, number, and section.*
  2. Days and Meeting Times of the Course.*
  3. Pre-requisite or Co-requisite of the Course*
  4. Number of credits assigned to the Course*
  5. Name of the course instructor. *
    (Please note, the instructor of the course must be processed through the Office of Human Resources before he/she can be listed as the professor of the course. Contact the Office of the Registrar or Office of Human Resources for additional information.)
  6. Semester the course is offered.
  7. When including a course description, your email announcement should direct students to the online catalog through a link on the registrar's office website.*
  8. New courses should not be advertised until they have been processed through the appropriate approval process.
  9. Any message that includes information regarding a requirement that the advertised course satisfies should also include a link to the appropriate online catalog for additional information.
  10. Additional text in the message should be consistent with standard university language that is normally found in a university catalog or summer brochure. ."

Since the official publications of courses offered at the university are the catalogs and course listings published by the University Office of the Registrar, faculty and staff are urged to keep system wide notifications of courses to a minimum. Usually, faculty and staff will use this additional method of notification for late course additions.

*Students should be directed to the Office of the Registrar's website at to view the course list for meeting times/number of credits and the catalog for course descriptions, pre-requisites, and the requirements the course satisfies.

Special note: Departments and divisions should not advertise their entire offering through the campus wide email system

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