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Guidelines for use of the system wide distribution lists

You may not send unsolicited e-mail messages to addresses culled from the Novell GroupWise Address Book. Messages may be sent to distribution lists maintained by Computing and Network Services, but there are some important guidelines that you must follow.

Use of the system wide distribution lists is limited to members of the Drew Community. Messages sent to the system wide distribution lists should be sent using a Drew e-mail address in order to verify membership in the Drew community.

Messages will normally be sent overnight on Monday-Friday nights only. Exceptions may be made for messages concerning University business, but messages publicizing events will be sent overnight.

Where possible, e-mails concerning events and meetings should be sent to targeted lists. Clubs and organizations are encouraged to maintain address book lists containing e-mail addresses of members and people who have expressed interest in receiving e-mail updates.

All student messages that are sent out to the distribution lists must first be approved by the Office of Student Life (Sycamore Cottage). The campuswide distribution lists are meant to be a tool for information distribution and can not be used as a forum to discuss or present the opinions or views of any individual and/or group. A copy of your message will be automatically emailed to the Office of Student Life for their approval. The Office of Student Life reserves the right to redirect messages to lists that are appropriate. If your message is not approved, you will be receive an indication from the Office of Student Life. Messages must be received by 4pm one working day before the message needs to be sent. Messages will not be reviewed over the weekend or on days when the school is closed so please plan appropriately.

Your message must meet the following guidelines in order to be approved for distribution.

Please Note:

There is a limit to the number of distribution list messages this computer system can effectively handle. Additionally, we would like to be respectful about the number of informational messages that are sent to our community members. The guidelines governing email distribution lists have been put into effect to ensure that distribution list messages are a benefit to the Drew Community.

  1. You may not send unsolicited e-mail messages to addresses culled from the Novell GroupWise Address Book. Messages may be sent to distribution lists maintained by Computing and Network
  2. Messages should be of general interest to the Drew community.
  3. Please review your message for accuracy and spelling before sending in order to avoid sending followup messages that simply correct misinformation.
  4. If your message is an about an event taking place at Drew University, your message will not be sent out if the location of the event does not comply with university guidelines on accessibility for meetings and events.
  5. Clubs/organizations may use the system wide lists to publicize meetings once per semester only. It is the club/organization's responsibility to maintain membership lists and announcements regarding future meetings may be sent to via that mechanism, but not to the community at large.
  6. In as much as possible, choose your audience carefully - try to send to only those distribution lists whose members would be concerned with or are interested in your message.
  7. Messages sent to the distribution lists must be either plain text or Html - no attachments (i.e. MS Word/Excel/Pdf (Acrobat) /WordPerfect/Quattro Pro,Jpeg/Gif files etc.). Html can not contain any embedded images (i.e. jpeg or gif files).
  8. Choose the method of getting your message across. You can send out messages to the campus using voice mail or by using email distribution lists, but not both (unless approved by the system administrator). In any case, please send only one message.
  9. Please choose a subject that accurately describes the content of your message. List moderators may edit the subject of your message if you choose one not related to the content of your message.
  10. Please do not send reminder messages about events. Please send one message only as publicity for events.
  11. Advertisements, excepting those that pertain to or are in support of a Drew club or activity, are prohibited.
  12. Messages for ride requests, lost and found items, for sale messages, etc. are prohibited.
  13. Messages can not contain profanity.

Note: Messages sent by faculty announcing course offerings must adhere to Guidelines for System Wide Messages of Course Announcements.

If there are any questions about scheduling, please contact Scott Wood at x3657.

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