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Salvaging Network Files

How do I salvage my files?

How long do deleted files stay on the server?

When you delete a file in Windows, it actually gets placed in your Recycle Bin, from which you can retrieve the file if it was deleted accidentally.

The NetWare servers do not have a recycle bin, but a very similar feature where deleted files are saved for a while after deletion. 


How do I salvage my files?


To access the salvage menu, select a folder on a network drive (F:, G:, K:, etc.) through My Computer (or a server path through Network Neighborhood), and right-click on the folder.  You will see a menu like the one here.  The options with the red "N" are available on network folders.  Select "Salvage Files."

You will see a dialog box of every file that has been deleted from that directory recently.  You can select an individual file and select "Salvage File" or "Salvage All" to retrieve all deleted files.


NetWare will save multiple copies of a deleted file with the same name in the salvage dialog above.  These will correspond to earlier version of a file you've edited in programs like Word and Excel, since these programs delete and recreate a file each time you save it.  Thus, you can use salvage to get back an earlier copy of a document if it is still there.  However, since the file may have the same name as a current file, you will be asked to rename it as seen here.  Enter a new name for the file and click "OK."

How long do deleted files stay on the server?

This really depends on a number of factors.  Normally NetWare will keep salvaged files until it needs the file space for new files, after which it will generally overwrite the oldest deleted files first.  On a busy Netware drive, this could happen within a matter of days. The system is set to purge files deleted more than 8 days ago as part of nightly maintenance.  Do not use salvage as another method of file storage--it is intended for short-term retrieval of lost files only.  Do not assume a deleted file will be available indefinitely.  If you need a file, salvage it as soon as possible, and put it back in your regular network space or on your hard drive.

If you have any problems using the salvage feature, call the CNS Helpdesk at x3205.

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