200 Years of United Methodism
An Illustrated History

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Gallery of Photographs

This list is linked to photographs in JPEG format which provide larger images than those which accompany the text. The size of each file noted in parentheses.

  1. "The Holy Club in Session." Engraving by S. Bellin after painting by Marshall Claxton, printed in London by Thomas Agnew & Sons, 1861. (204 KB)
  2. Philip Embury (1728-1773). Engraving after John Barnes' 1773 painting, printed in New York by Daniel T. MacFarlan, 1878. (42 KB)
  3. Margaret Switzer Embury (1743-1807). Engraving after John Barnes' 1773 painting, printed in New York by Daniel T. MacFarlan, 1878. (39 KB)
  4. Barbara Ruckle Heck (1734-1804). Watercolor on paper, about 1860. (48 KB)
  5. John Wesley (1703-1791). Oil on canvas, painted in Tewksbury, England by an unknown artist in 1771. Wesley presented it to John Cole (1750-1808) along with a letter of commendation to the Methodists in America. Cole and his family emigrated to America in 1785. Reputed to be the first oil painting of Wesley in the colonies. (90 KB)
  6. Susanna Wesley (1669-1742). Engraving by W. H. Gibbs, ca. 1720. (37 KB)
  7. Death Mask of John Wesley. A plaster facial cast taken shortly after his death March 2, 1791. Gift to Drew University in 1880 by trustee Anderson Fowler, part of the George Osborn Collection he purchased in England that Spring. (53 KB)
  8. John Wesley's autographed letter to William Wilberforce on slavery, February 24, 1791, written six days before his death at age 88. (64 KB)
  9. View of Savannah in Georgia. Engraving by Peter Gordon, London, ca. 1734. (125 KB)
  10. John Wesley's diary for 1740. This small pocket diary in shorthand was a gift to Drew University in 1880 when the Osborn Collection of Wesleyana was purchased by trustee Anderson Fowler. (132 KB)
  11. Title-page of AN EXTRACT OF THE REV. MR. JOHN WESLEY'S JOURNAL FROM FEBRUARY 1, 1737 TO HIS RETURN FROM GERMANY. London: Printed by W. Strahan, 1740, in which his Aldersgate experience of conversion was first published. (70 KB)
  12. Charles Wesley (1707-1788). Engraving by A. H. Ritchie after the painting by William Gush, printed in New York by Nelson & Phillips (Methodist Publishing House) 1873. (32 KB)
  13. Robert Strawbridge (1732?-1781). Engraving after the Thomas Coke Ruckle painting, ca. 1880. (35 KB)
  14. Captain Thomas Webb (dl796). Pastel on paper by Lewis Vaslet, drawn in Webb's native Bristol, England, ca. 1795. (46 KB)
  15. The Rigging Loft. First preaching house of the Methodists in New York City, 1767. Engraving 1866. (110 KB)
  16. John Street Church, New York, erected 1768. Hand tinted engraving printed by I. B. and P. C. Smith, New York, ca. 1836. (207 KB)
  17. Joseph Pilmore (1739-1825). Engraving after painting by Charles Wilson Peale, ca. 1790. (17 KB)
  18. Richard Boardman (1738-1782) at age 42. Engraving, London, 1780. (30 KB)
  19. Elizabeth Asbury (1720?-1802). Oil on canvas, ca. 1790. (22 KB)
  20. Autographed letter from Francis Asbury to his mother, Elizabeth, November 6, 1769. (139 KB)
  21. Title-page of John Wesley's A CALM ADDRESS TO OUR AMERICAN COLONIES, first printed in London by J. Hawes, 1775. (60KB)
  22. St. George's Church, Philadelphia, purchased by the Methodist Society in 1769. Lithograph of engraving, Philadelphia, 1896. (60 KB)
  23. Bishop Francis Asbury's Hebrew Bible published by Jacob Wetstein in Amsterdam, 1753, bequeathed to his successor, Bishop William McKendree. (81 KB)
  24. The Otterbein Clock, ca. 1750. Swiss works by Jacob of Veron, near Bern. American case. (62 KB)
  25. Isaac Long's Barn near Lancaster, Pa. Hand tinted photograph, ca. 1910. (128 KB)
  26. William Otterbein (1726-1813). Oil on canvas by Catherine Weiner, ca. 1850. (40 KB)
  27. Martin Boehm (1725-1812). Engraving, 19th century. (34 KB)
  28. Jacob Albright (1759-1808). Engraving, mid l9th century. (32 KB)
  29. Title-page of John Wesley's COLLECTION OF PSALMS AND HYMNS, published in Charleston, South Carolina, by Lewis Timothy, 1737. (48 KB)
  30. Pottery jug, Wedgewood plaque, Wesley in pulpit figurine, commemorative ring and small plate. Late 18th century British, with exception, modern Wedgewood plaque. (393 KB)
  31. Three Wesley busts and minature chapel. Right to left: bust by Enoch Wood, 1784; standing figurine, bust and chapel, early 19th century. (204 KB)
  32. Bishop Thomas Coke (1747-1814). Engraving by J. Cochrane, London, ca. 1860. (63 KB)
  33. Harry Hosier (1750?-1806). Watercolor on paper, early 20th century. (34 KB)
  34. Barratt's Chapel, Frederica, near Dover, Delaware, erected 1780. Engraving. about 1866. (65 KB)
  35. Lovely Lane Chapel, Baltimore, Maryland, erected 1774. Engraving early 19th century. (93 KB)
  36. Francis Asbury (1745-1816). Oil on wood by John Paradise, New York, ca. 1812. (56 KB)
  37. Ordination certificate handwritten on parchment, signed and sealed by Bishop Thomas Coke, 1804. (58 KB)
  38. "The Ordination of Francis Asbury, December 27, 1784." Engraving by A. Gilchrist Campbell after painting by Thomas Coke Ruckle, published by T. C. Ruckle in New York, 1882. (197 KB)
  39. Bishop Asbury's Powder Horn for a pistol he carried when traveling through the wilderness, May 1790. (41 KB)
  40. Old Otterbein Church, Baltimore, Maryland, erected 1785-1786. Pen and ink sketch, ca. 1960. (36 KB)
  41. Bonnet Schoolhouse near Mount Pleasant, Pa. in which the United Brethren in Christ held their first General Conference, June 6, 1815. Photograph, late 19th century. (69 KB)
  42. Early United Brethren Discipline and Hymnal in German. (41 KB)
  43. Spangler Home near York, Pa. where the Pennsylvania Conference of the United Brethren in Christ met in 1791. Photograph, early 20th century. (61 KB)
  44. Bishop John Seybert (1791-1860). Engraving by John Sartain of Philadelphia, 1843. (54 KB)
  45. Albright Memorial Church Chapel, Kleinfeltersville, Pa., erected 1850, rebuilt 1860. Photograph, ca. 1920. (62 KB)
  46. Bishop Richard Allen (1760-1831). Engraving published by P. S. Duval, Philadelphia, ca. 1830. (58 KB)
  47. Leather purse for Love Feast Tickets, American, early 19th century. (109 KB)
  48. Representative samples of early American Love Feast tickets. (103 KB)
  49. The Edward S. Pilling Memorial Equestrian Statue of Bishop Asbury, sculpted by Augustus Lukeman, erected on the campus of Drew University, 1926. (252 KB)
  50. Methodist Circuit Rider, engraving, early 19th century. (83 KB)
  52. Hymnal of the Evangelical Association Hymnal of the Evangelical Association in German: DAS GEISTLICHE SAITENSPIEL, published in New Berlin, Pa., by Georg Miller, for the Association, 1817. 2nd Edition (88 KB)
  53. Methodist Camp Meeting, engraving by E. W. Clay, published in New York by H. R. Robinson, 1836. (70 KB)
  54. "Camp Meeting of the Methodists in North America." Engraving by M. Dubourg, published in London by J. Milbert, 1819. (199 KB)
  55. Mourner's Bench (ca. 1805) used in revival meetings of the Evangelical Association held on the Becker homestead near Kleinfeltersville, Pa. Tradition says Jacob Albright knelt in prayer at this bench. (339 KB)
  56. McKendree Chapel, near Jackson, Missouri, erected 1819. Photograph, ca. 1960. (68 KB)
  57. First Methodist Mission in Oregon, founded by Jason Lee in 1834. Engraving, mid l9th century. (55 KB)
  58. Peter Cartwright (1785-1872). Engraving from HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, October 2, 1869. (89 KB)
  60. Cover of the October 1872 issue of The Ladies' Repository and Home Magazine (138 KB)
  61. The Wyandot Indian Mission at Upper Sandusky, Ohio, about 1825. Photograph of oil painting by Frank H. Halbedel, late 19th century. (78 KB)
  62. Title-page of early Native American Hymnbook with music: INDIAN MELODIES by Thomas Commuck, published in New York by G. Lane and C. B. Tippett for the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1845. (27 KB)
  63. Representative page from the Commuck hymnbook. (107 KB)
  64. Certificate of the Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church, engraved by N. Currier in New York, ca. 1838. (111 KB)
  65. Der Brantweins-Drache ("The Alcoholic Dragon''). Temperance poster engraved by J. Traubel and published by H. Camp, Philadelphia, ca. 1840 which belonged to Bishop John Seybert. (75 KB)
  66. Handwritten petition sent by black Methodists in Philadelphia to the 1832 General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church "to give the Bishop power to appoint Ministers of Colour to Coloured congregations." (102 KB)
  67. Portraits of Methodist heroines published for the Methodist centenary celebration in 1866. (85 KB)
  68. Seventh Street Methodist Episcopal Church, New York City, erected 1878. Engraving, New York, 1884. (63 KB)
  69. Title-page of the first CONSTITUTION AND DISCIPLINE OF THE METHODIST PROTESTANT CHURCH. Published in Baltimore by John J. Harrod, 1830. (53 KB)
  70. Section of first discipline of the Methodist Protestant Church outlining "officers of the Church" which does not include Bishops. (77 KB)
  71. Title-page, JOURNALS OF THE GENERAL CONFERENCES OF THE METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, SOUTH, HELD 1846 AND 1850. Published in Richmond, Va., by John Early, 1851. (48 KB)
  72. "Rev. William P. Corbit Preaching to Thieves and Harlots in the Green Street Methodist Episcopal Church (New York City) on April 1, 1860." Engraving, New York, 1860. (347 KB)
  73. St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church, New York City, erected 1858. Engraving, New York: Harper & Brothers, 1866. (161 KB)
  74. Leather saddle-bags, tradition says, belonged to Bishop Asbury; leather-bound copies of early hymnal and discipline; early 19th century miniature copy of the Paradise portrait, and a pair of spectacles Asbury wore. (403 KB)
  75. Bishop Matthew Simpson (1811-1884). Oil on canvas, Philadelphia, ca. 1876. (29 KB)
  76. Chippendale Chair (ca. 1750) belonging to the Otterbein parsonage; oak chair (early 18th century) on which Wesley stood to preach at Stockport in 1765; and "Pennsylvania Dutch" chair (early 19th century) used by the founding bishops of the Evangelical Church in their visit to the church in Orwigsburg, Pa. (385 KB)
  77. President and Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant's personal copy of the Methodist Hymnal autographed with their names and embossed in gold on the leather binding, 1877. (98 KB)
  78. Engraved certificate for life membership in the Missionary Society of the Evangelical Association, printed in Baltimore by C. P. Gerber, ca. 1850. (111 KB)
  79. Children in story hour, Bethlehem House, Nashville, Tennessee, photograph ca. 1910. (36 KB)
  80. Sunday school picnic, photograph ca. 1890. (137 KB)
  81. Children on the playground, Kingdom House, St. Louis, Missouri. Photograph, ca. 1910. (40 KB)
  82. Title-page of EPWORTH LEAGUE YEAR-BOOK, published in New York, 1903. (46 KB)
  84. First Methodist Church erected in Puerto Rico, in the city of Guayana, 1902. Photograph, ca. 1965. (71 KB)
  85. Fine Victorian cloth binding of pioneer Methodist pastor to Chinese Americans Otis Gibson's book THE CHINESE IN AMERICA, published in Cincinnati by the Methodist Publishing House in 1877. (67 KB)
  86. Jacob Hartzler (1833-1915) and the Japan Mission of the Evangelical Association, photograph ca. 1882. (73 KB)
  87. ZION'S HERALD, Boston area Methodist newspaper, 1909. (56 KB)
  88. "Boundaries of the Annual Conferences, Methodist Episcopal Church, as fixed by the General Conference, 1920." Prepared and published by the Board of Home Missions and Church Extension, Philadelphia, 1920. (125 KB)
  89. Isabella Thoburn (1840-1901), photograph, ca. 1880. (49 KB)
  90. Graduating Class of the Chicago Training School for Deaconesses in front of Grace M. E. Club, Chicago. Photograph, ca. 1906. (204 KB)
  91. Handwritten deaconess license of Miss Fanny E. Platt, New York, 1891. (49 KB)
  92. Methodist Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia, founded 1885. Photograph, ca. 1895. (35 KB)
  93. Methodist camp-meeting, Sing Sing, N.Y. Engraving from HARPER'S WEEKLY, August 29, 1868. (180 KB)
  94. Handwritten petition to the 1880 General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church from the trustees and stewards of the Willoughby Ave. Methodist Episcopal Church, Brooklyn, supporting the ordination of their pastor, the Rev. Anna Oliver. (60 KB)
  95. Phoebe Worrell Palmer (1807-1874), pioneer woman Evangelist, engraving by H. B. Hall & Sons, New York, ca. 1860. (85 KB)
  96. Printed rules of St. John's Church of the Evangelical Association at Bethlehem, Pa., published ca. 1875. (245 KB)
  97. Early handwritten draft of Frank Mason North's famous hymn, "Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life," dated 1903; first published in the Methodist Hymnal of 1905. (50 KB)
  98. Frank Mason North (1850-1935). Photograph, ca. 1930. (29 KB)
  99. Day nursery, Wesley House, Atlanta, Georgia. Photograph, ca. 1910. (64 KB)
  100. Clinic, Wesley House, Atlanta, Georgia. Photograph, ca. 1910. (70 KB)
  102. Text of American Methodism's first Social Creed as printed in the Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1908. (29 KB)
  103. INASMUCH, Methodist Episcopal deaconess newspaper, published in St. Louis, Mo., 1911. (63 KB)
  104. Silver plate Communion set: bread plate, flagon for wine, and chalice. American, ca. 1850. (309 KB)
  105. Poster by Mildred Coughlin published by the National War Council of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1917. (111 KB)
  106. Woman's Missionary Society of the Evangelical Church, Cleveland, Ohio. Photograph, 1922. (169 KB)
  107. Belle Harris Bennett (1852-1922), Southern Methodist educator and missionary advocate. Photograph, ca. 1910. (60 KB)
  108. Bishop Lorenzo H. King (1878-1946). Photograph, ca. 1940. (21 KB)
  109. Harold Paul Sloan (1881-1961). Photograph, ca. 1930. (81 KB)
  110. Pamphlet on peace published by the Commission on World Peace of the Methodist Church, ca. 1936. (28 KB)
  111. Edwin Lewis (1881-1959). Photograph, ca. 1950. (71 KB)
  112. Bishop John McKendree Springer (1873-1963). Photograph, ca. 1950. (44 KB)
  113. Home missions of the Evangelical Church in Kentucky, founded 1919. Poster, ca. 1940. (21 KB)
  114. Leaders of the three uniting churches at the inaugurating General Conference of The Methodist Church, Kansas City. Photograph, 1939. (50 KB)
  115. The Evangelical-United Brethren Uniting Conference in First United Brethren Church, Johnstown, Pa. Photograph, 1946. (93 KB)
  116. Poster for "Crusade for Christ," quadrennial program of The Methodist Church, 1944-1948. (55 KB)
  117. Bishop John S. Stamm (1878-1956). Photograph, ca. 1940. (34 KB)
  118. Title-page of pamphlet published by the Methodist Peace Fellowship: CRUSADING FOR WORLD PEACE IN THE LOCAL CHURCH 1955-56, by Charles F. Boss, published in New York, 1955. (40 KB)
  119. Georgia Harkness (1891-1974). Photograph, ca. 1970. (55 KB)
  120. Monthly family magazines published by the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren Churches in the 1950s and 1960s. (53 KB)
  121. Chatham, New Jersey, United Methodist Church, erected 1956-1963. Photograph, ca. 1970. (57 KB)
  122. Collection of colorful delegates' badges for the United Methodist General Conference, Portland, Oregon, 1976. (73 KB)
  123. Photograph from BMCR prospectus, 1972. (82 KB)
  124. Cover of prospectus published by Black Methodists for Church Renewal, Atlanta, 1972. (71 KB)
  125. Bishop Marjorie S. Matthews (1916-1986). Photograph, ca. 1984. (32 KB)
  126. Cover of Report of Methodist/Roman Catholic International Commission, published 1981. (45 KB)
  127. Bicentennial Planbook published by the PAN Methodist Bicentennial Committee, 1983. (41 KB)
  128. Catherine Livingston Garrettson (1752-1849). Engraving, ca. 1840, with a selection of her autographed letters and notebooks. (341 KB)

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