Polydoxy TTC9: Polydoxy


The conference will be held on Drew University's Madison, New Jersey campus, between 1-4 October 2009.

Friday and Saturday panel sessions will convene in Craig Chapel, on the upper level of Seminary Hall. Evening receptions and meals will be served in the Mead Hall foyer, and in Founders Room, which adjoins the foyer.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

6:00 PM: Reception for Invited Guests, Mead Hall Foyer

7:00 PM: Dinner for Invited Guests, Founders Room, Mead Hall

Friday, October 2, 2009

8:00 AM: Breakfast, Seminary Hall Atrium

9:00 AM: Introductory Session, Craig Chapel, Seminary Hall

Welcome and Introduction (Catherine Keller, Laurel Schneider, Hyo-Dong Lee)

Announcements (Dhawn Martin, Sam Laurent)

10:15 AM: Break

10:30 AM: Panel One, Craig Chapel, Seminary Hall

Roland Faber, "The Sense of Peace: A Para-Doxology of Divine Multiplicity" Abstract>

Mary-Jane Rubenstein, "Undone By Each Other: Interrupted Sovereignty in Augustine's Confessions" Abstract>

12:30 PM: Lunch, Seminary Hall Atrium

2:00 PM: Panel Two, Craig Chapel, Seminary Hall

Mayra Rivera, "'Glory: The First Passion of Theology" Abstract>

John Thatamanil, "How Many Ultimate Realities Are There? Religious Diversity and the Trinity" Abstract>

4:00 PM: Break

4:30 PM: Panel Three, Craig Chapel, Seminary Hall

Catherine Keller, "Folds of Polydoxy: Multiplicity, Relation, Negation" Abstract>

Monica A. Coleman, "Invoking Oya: Practicing a Polydox Soteriology through a Postmodern Womanist Reading of Tananarive Due's The Living Blood" Abstract>

6:30 PM: Reception for Invited Guests, Mead Hall Foyer

7:00 PM: Dinner for Invited Guests, Founders Room, Mead Hall

Saturday, October 3, 2009

8:00 AM: Breakfast, Seminary Hall Atrium

9:00 AM: Panel Four, Craig Chapel, Seminary Hall

Laurel Schneider, "Crib Notes From Bethlehem: Polydoxy, Incarnation, and the Necessity of Syncretism" Abstract>

Hyo-Dong Lee, "'Empty and Tranquil, and Without Any Sign, and Yet All Things Are Luxuriantly Present in It': A Comparative-Theological Reflection on the Neo-Confucian Conception of the Manifold Spirit of the Taegeuk/Taiji" Abstract>


Marion Grau, "'Don't Mess with the Missionary Clan': The Colensos and the Zulu between Monotheism, Syncretism, and Polydoxy" Abstract>


12:00 PM: Lunch, Seminary Hall Atrium


1:30 PM: Panel Five, Craig Chapel, Seminary Hall


Virginia Burrus, "Nothing Is Not One: Revisiting the Ex Nihilo" Abstract>


Sharon Betcher, "'Take My 'Yoga' Upon You' (Matt 11:29):  A Spirit/ual Pli/é for the Global City" Abstract>


3:30 PM: Break


4:00 PM: Wrap-up Session, Craig Chapel, Seminary Hall


6:30 PM: Reception for Invited Guests, Seminary Hall Atrium


7:00 PM: Dinner for Invited Guests, Seminary Hall Atrium




Sunday, October 4, 2009: Student Session


8:00 AM: Breakfast, Mead Hall Foyer


9:30 AM: Student Panel One, Founders Room, Mead Hall


Kathryn Reklis, "Holographic Theopoetics: Multiplicity and History Narration in Jonathan Edwards" Abstract>


Geoffrey Pollick, responding


Colleen Hartung, "Rethinking Faith in the Context of Polydoxy" Abstract>


Andrew Eubanks responding


1045 AM: Break


11:15 AM: Student Panel Two, Founders Room, Mead Hall


Brianne Donaldson, "They'll Know We Are Process Thinkers By Our... : Finding the Ecological Ethic of Whitehead Through the Lens of Jainism and Ecofeminist Care" Abstract>


Carolyn Roncolato, responding


Beatrice Marovich, "Political Creatures in Theological Cosmologies: Exploring New Frontiers in Theological/Political Agonism" Abstract>


Matilde Moros responding


12:30 PM: Lunch, Mead Hall Foyer


2:00 PM: Student Panel Three, Founders Room, Mead Hall


Dhawn Martin, "Souled Out: A Tale of Multipli-Cities" Abstract>


Luke Higgins, responding


Eric Trozzo, "God Ungrounded: Envisioning the Multiplicity of a God Beyond Being" Abstract>


Mario Costa responding


Rose Ellen Dunn, "(En)folding Divinity: Chiasmic Intertwinings" Abstract>


Martin Yalcin responding


4:00- 5:00 PM: Wrap Up Session, Founders Room, Mead Hall


Hyo-Dong Lee

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