About the painting, Reaching, and the Artist, Mary F. Hughes

Layered patterns and marbling form cosmic landscapes in which the sea bottom can reach toward the sky. Cathedral ribbings connect and support the sky. The woman in the web is an evolving landscape of transformation. This is a metaphoric place where thought is transformed into matter and matter reaches back to re-create thought. Topographical symbols are used to describe the inner psychological processes in the experience of being and human development. Layered images from psychological time interweave with layers of marbled paint to symbolize change. My work deals with processes that evoke a sense of wholeness, the healing power of nature, oscillating harmonies of rhythm, and the macro/micro similarities of the natural order. My work explores turbulence, chaos and the emergence of primal creativity.


View the painting in high resolution here. (JPG, 1.4 MB)

Download Ms. Hughes' vita here. (PDF, 249 KB)

©2009 Drew University | Drew Transdisciplinary Theological Colloquium Series | Drew Theological School
Image, Reaching by Mary Hughes, used by permission.