Paper titles and abstracts will be updated throughout the summer.

Sharon Betcher, Vancouver School of Theology
"'Take My 'Yoga' Upon You' (Matt 11:29):  A Spirit/ual Pli/é for the Global City" Abstract>

Christopher Boesel, Drew University Theological School

Virginia Burrus, Drew University Theological School
"Nothing Is Not One: Revisiting the Ex Nihilo" Abstract>

Monica A. Coleman, Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University
"Invoking Oya: Practicing a Polydox Soteriology through a Postmodern Womanist Reading of Tananarive Due's The Living Blood" Abstract>

Roland Faber, Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University
"The Sense of Peace: A Para-Doxology of Divine Multiplicity" Abstract>

Elisabeth Gerle, Uppsala University

Marion Grau, Graduate Theological Union, Church Divinity School of the Pacific
"'Don't Mess with the Missionary Clan': The Colensos and the Zulu between Monotheism, Syncretism, and Polydoxy" Abstract>

Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre, Drew University Theological School

Catherine Keller, Drew University Theological School
"Folds of Polydoxy: Multiplicity, Relation, Negation" Abstract>


Hyo-Dong Lee, Drew University Theological School
"'Empty and Tranquil, and Without Any Sign, and Yet All Things Are Luxuriantly Present in It': A Comparative-Theological Reflection on the Neo-Confucian Conception of the Manifold Spirit of the Taegeuk/Taiji" Abstract>

Jason Mahn, Augustana College

Anna Mercedes, College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University

Mayra Rivera, Graduate Theological Union, Pacific School of Religion
"'Glory: The First Passion of Theology" Abstract>

Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Wesleyan University
"Undone By Each Other: Interrupted Sovereignty in Augustine's Confessions"

Ernest Rubinstein, Drew University Theological School

Laurel C. Schneider, Chicago Theological Seminary
"Crib Notes From Bethlehem: Polydoxy, Incarnation, and the Necessity of Syncretism" Abstract>

Kathryn Tanner, University of Chicago Divinity School

John J. Thatamanil, Vanderbilt Divinity School
"How Many Ultimate Realities Are There? Religious Diversity and the Trinity" Abstract>

Student Presenters

Brianne Donaldson, Claremont Graduate University
"They'll Know We Are Process Thinkers By Our... : Finding the Ecological Ethic of Whitehead Through the Lens of Jainism and Ecofeminist Care" Abstract>

Rose Ellen Dunn, Drew University Theological School
"(En)folding Divinity: Chiasmic Intertwinings" Abstract>

Colleen Hartung, Chicago Theological Seminary
"Rethinking Faith in the Context of Polydoxy"

Beatrice E. Marovich, Drew University Theological School
"Political Creatures in Theological Cosmologies: Exploring New Frontiers in Theological/Political Agonism" Abstract>

Dhawn Martin, Drew University Theological School
"Souled Out: A Tale of Multipli-Cities" Abstract>

Kathryn Reklis, Yale University
"Holographic Theopoetics: Multiplicity and History Narration in Jonathan Edwards" Abstract>

Eric Trozzo, Drew University Theological School
"God Ungrounded: Envisioning the Multiplicity of a God Beyond Being" Abstract>


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