200 Years of United Methodism
An Illustrated History

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John Street Church, New York, erected 1768. Hand tinted engraving printed by I. B. and P. C.This call for help was signed in April 1768 by a member of what became John Street Church in New York City. The next year Wesley appointed two missionaries to the colonies: Richard Boardman and Joseph Pilmore. They reached Philadelphia in late October 1769 and began the task of organizing Methodism in America. They were not, however, explained Pilmore, organizing something separate from the Church of England.

Richard Boardman (1738-1782) at age 42. Engraving, London, 1780.They were forming societies for persons of all denominations who "earnestly desire to flee from the wrath to come" and who desire to "walk according to the Oracles of God." Joseph Pilmore (1739-1825). Engraving after painting by Charles Wilson Peale, ca. 1790.Pilmore concluded by saying, "This is our one point, that Christ died for us, to live in us and reign over us in all things."

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